I trained in martial arts starting at age 10, and was a kata competitor, but never weapons.  It wasn’t until, as a teen, I read Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa that I became interested in bokken.  The stories of Musashi winning fights against steel swords with what were essentially wooden sticks fascinated me, and learning that he rebelled against an ingrained establishment of formal rules to develop a two-sword style kept me intrigued.  So, as I read this book, I obtained my first bokken, a cheap one from a local martial arts supply store.  Fast forward 20 years,  this bokken stayed with me until about 6 months ago…

… I was out in the backyard banging him against a tree and smashed him (notice the etched Musashi on the handle- I name all of my bokken).  I have always treated my bokken as a multi-use tool (walking stick, forearm strength-builder, etc.), and after this happened, I decided to find the toughest, most capable bokken made.

– Mushin!