SDK Osage Orange- SDK style

Name: Kiiro no ishi- “yellow stone”

No tsuba cut

Tung oil, so looks/feels like natural finish

41.5″ long

11″ tsuka w/ 4″ circumference

550 grams

The bokken is a medium weight, given it’s size.  Very light smell, hint of citrus, smell is stronger when hit with humidity of outdoors.  Wood was used for bows by Native Americans due to flexibility, and the flexibility is evident in this example- high vibration even under light contact.  Blade area is moderately curved.  Color has a yellowish hue under indoor light, but in outdoor sunlight, looks neon yellow, almost bordering on green.  This specimen has a slight bend in the blade- curves right when looked at from butt over the top.
In the above picture, you can see a slight curve to the right… nothing that would affect the performance, and not surprising given the flexibility of osage orange.

This is the “edge” of the blade prior to any use.  Notice the grain pattern in the wood is more circular and less straight.

This is the tip of the bokken (looking at the point).  I actually appreciate the asymmetry, as it lets me know this is not a machine-cut piece of wood, but one done by hand/eye.  This may also contribute to the look of curve, as the cut on the top of the blade could be an unintended illusion.

The Osage Orange bokken after the hit against the tree in the video.