SDK Japanese White Oak (shiro kashi) – SDK style

Name: Hotei (b/c I found several four-leaf clovers while breaking him in and Hotei is the patron saint of good fortune… plus he is big like Hotei)

Feel/Finish: Tung oil, natural feel/finish

No tsuba cut

Overall Length: 42.25

Tsuka length & circumference: 11″; 4″

Weight (grams): 590

Overall, I was impressed with this bokken.  The Japanese White Oak took quite a bit of abuse and held up well.  Due to the color and structure of the wood, it was difficult to see the dents that had been put into the edge area.  It’s a very “natural” looking wood with a lot of the properties that make hickory great (good sound, medium vibration to the hand).  Alas, The wood did not hold up in the end, and I’m sorry I did not get the break on video.  I do believe that the knot in the wood had something to do with the break, but I couldn’t tell.