Koryu Customs (bigheadyasha on Ebay)- Wenge (pronounced Wen-gay) ko-katana bokken

Polished finish

Half tsuba cut

Overall Length:  32.5 inches

Tsuka length & circumference:  11 inch tsuka &  4 inch circ.

Weight:  471 grams

My first impression of the Wenge bokken was that it was lightweight, and likely to break upon the first or second strike against the tree.  The wood is beautiful, takes a great polish, and the maker is very talented (this won’t be the last bokken I purchase from him!).  I just didn’t have a lot of confidence in the wood holding up to hard impact.  Boy was I wrong!!  Although it dented fairly easily, it refused to break, and much of it’s damage was cosmetic and could be repaired easily.  This little bokken was the Little Engine That Could.

It may be that it didn’t have the weight behind it, and that a larger version of it would break more easily, but I don’t think so.  Given that this is a wood that isn’t talked about for bokken, it was quite a joy to bash!

A few minutes after I recorded the video, the top part of the bokken snapped off… highly unusual, as it’s the edge that hits the tree that tends to snap/break.  It may be that Wenge is flexible and so the top part snapped when compacted during the strike.  The last picture just shows the edge of the “blade” after several hits against the tree.