SDK Honduras Rosewood- SDK style
Polish finish
No tsuba cut
36″ length
Tsuka 11″ length, 4.5″ circumference
565 grams
SDK African Rosewood (Bubinga)- SDK style
Polish finish
No tsuba cut
40.75″ length
Tsuka 11.5″ length, 4.1″ circumference
584 grams
Not much to say that the video and pics don’t cover, except to say that I am starting to seriously consider the length of the bokken as an indicator of strength for impact.  On a swing it probably creates less of a fulcrum (physics genius’ jump in here, please) and can better redistribute the force.  For example, a 50-inch bokken is more likely to break on a swing than a 12 inch tanto; hence the 36-inch bokken are less prone to break than the 41 inch bokken.  That may have been the case here, though I think Honduras Rosewood is more durable than Bubinga in general.  Thoughts?